Our Services
  • Driver Job Posting
    ePandu provides a large pool of qualified and new drivers who are actively seeking a job as a driver. It provides a significant time-saving in lead generation.
  • Driver Screening
    We carry out driver background and driving history checks and possess a valid commercial driver's license (GDL)
    Our pre-vetted / white-listed drivers with outstanding safety backgrounds are ready to start work in all sectors.
  • Professional Driver Training
    “MyNextJob” Upskill Training Modules cover many topics, including Customer Service, Basic Vehicle Maintenance and Defensive Driving. Each module is designed to be completed in a short amount of time, making it easy for delivery drivers to fit them into their busy schedules.
    A pre-trained and vetted driver can start working up to 8 times faster than unfiltered/untrained applicants and companies can create a competitive advantage in the service industry.